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[Owner] sd_captain a
sd_captain @ wizardry
posted Jul 1, 17

#1: No advertising.(IP BAN)                  

#2: Dont post inappropriate images and videos.(BAN)

#3: No spamming.(WARN,WARN,BAN)

#4: No badwords.(WARN,WARN,BAN)

#5 Must use English language.(DELETE OF THE POST/COMMENTS)

Ranks Events

[Owner] sd_captain a
sd_captain @ wizardry
posted Jun 24, 17

Hellow Everyone (DONE)

At july 2 its my special day (My birthday) for that i will give 3 free ranks for those top players.The 3rd place will received the 3rd rank,2nd place will received 2nd rank,And the 1st place will received the 1st rank in any server his/her choice.All ranks can be view in the "Shop" in the top of the website.So guyz ready to stop your eyes from sleeping cause to get in the top players its count as "how much you spend hours in the server"so have fun playing.And the system will detect you if your afk so no cheating.laughing

The top players can be found in the top of the website the "Members"

Note: Staff are not allowed to  join this event.

Note: End at july 2 exactly 10 am

Time zone: (UTC-08:00) Pacific Time (US & Canada)


1. KIRITO = 98.54 hours

2. Nitroxic = 81.42 hours

3. TNT = 69.72 hours

NOTE: Pm sd_captain to claim your prize!

KIRITOSelfie with sd after eggwars XD
i lost because of the lag..XD
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KIRITO   practice make perfect
KIRITO   pero ung taya ko ahh 1st place
Nitroxic   NO
KIRITOOMG... There's a dragon in my Shop XD
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RobloBrony   created a new thread Someone stole my stuff (out of chests) in the Skyblock forum
KIRITOJust Comment if u like changes...
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KIRITOThe Contest i will make is a Banner Making Contest
1st Prize = 5,000,000
2nd Prize = 1,000,000
3rd Prize = 500,000

5 contestant can join here

Only join if i post what day i will start the contest...
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KIRITOThis is my shop, I will sell any kinds of stuff here including op books, blocks, weapons, armors, foods, enchants, potions, etc...

Also i will make a Contest after i finish my shop.
Just go to my plot if u need something XD
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[Admin] MasteR_KilleR_03   registered to wizardry
[Owner] sd_captainTHE GAY FACE XD
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Gurgatory   registered to wizardry
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